Known for our Beaches,
Loved for our Lifestyle!

PERTH, one of the most liveable cities in the world as per the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Report, and IPSOS’s Life in Metropolitan and Regional Australia.

Why Perth?

Because quite simply, Perth has something for everyone!

Great Weather

Perth is Australia's sunniest capital with hot dry summers and temperate winters. It never snows here, and winter temperatures tend to hover around 190C (though it can get cold overnight).
Summers can have temperatures in excess of 400C, with our regular afternoon coastal breeze, 'The Fremantle Doctor', a welcome visitor! Most of summer is mild with average temperatures around 25-350C.

Quality Health Services

Perth has an established quality network of healthcare professionals and facilities funded under the Australian 'Medicare' system that provides free and low cost health services.
Medicare is funded by a 2% tax levy that is subsidised for low income earners. Medicare covers all essential medical treatment, with tax concessions for private health insurance to cover more specific needs.

Perfect Beaches

The entire Perth Coastal Strip is beautiful, and made of countless beaches that offer safe environments for paddling or snorkelling, through to perfect waves for the hardcore surfer.
You are not only limited to the beaches of Perth! A short ferry ride gets you to Rottnest Island and a weekend away could see you diving with dugongs and whale sharks, or even sharing the beach with a kangaroo!

Outdoor Lifestyle

Perth's temperate weather means that outdoor living is a regular part of everyones lives. Many people have backyard swimming pools, with alfresco dining and backyard BBQ's.
Many restaurants, hotels and cafes have outdoor tables so you can enjoy your coffee as you watch the world go by. Extended daylight hours can even see a late afternoon swim or walk at the beach after work.

Nature & Environment

If nature is your thing, you are going to love Perth! We have hills, forests, lakes, valleys, rivers and beaches with wildlife, tall trees, natural bush and unlimited photo opportunities.
You may decide to challenge yourself and walk the Bibbulman Track that stretches around 1000km from Perth to Albany past farms, country towns and through natural environment. We do have shorter walks too!

Safe Communities

Our location well away from known areas of international conflict, and reputation as the most isolated city in the world gives Perth a country town feel, but with city conveniences.
Perth is rated as one of Australia's safest cities according to this Ipsos 2018 Report. A common sense approach to basic security is really all you need, with some research on your area before you buy.

Arts & Festivals

We are the home to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) that has produced graduates such as Heath Ledger, Tim Minchin... and Hugh Jackman!
Music, theatre, dance, comedy, visual arts and festivals, its all here! Our temperate climate means that activities keep rolling all year, with entertainment for families, singles, young and old.

Affordable Housing

With median values around $540K, Perth is well under the Australian national median of $809K according to the Domain House Price Report, Dec Qtr 2019. Its a buyer's market!
Whether inner city living is your thing, or you prefer having space around you, Perth has homes to suit everyone. We have beach, valley, river and hills to choose from with well connected public transport.

Sports & Recreation

Our outdoor lifestyle provides ample opportunities for any sport or recreational activity you can think of (except perhaps snow skiing... we don't do snow here)... How about water skiing?
So if your love is football, cricket, rugby, swimming, motorsports, BMX, basketball, baseball, horses, dogs, swimming, diving, boating, fishing, camping, walking, running, hiking, martial arts or cycling... its here!

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